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Hi! I'm Michelle.

My work is focused on investigating the nature of normativity. In other words, I'm interested in what we ought to do and why. For instance, how do our moral obligations to other people arise? What is the source of other norms, like requirements of epistemic rationality, and why do they have authority over us? That is, why should we care about forming rational beliefs, and why is it ever appropriate to blame others for their irrational beliefs? Finally, how do we discover the facts about these matters? My work attempts to grapple with enduring philosophical questions about our relationships to one another and to what we value.

This spring 2023, I'll be teaching "Introduction to Philosophy" at City College and "Topics in the History of Philosophy: Philosophy of Mind in the Early Modern and Modern Periods" at New York University. 

I completed my PhD in philosophy at NYU and my BA in philosophy at Yale. As a doctoral student, I spent a semester on exchange at the École Normale Supérieure and the affiliated Institut Jean Nicod in Paris.

I'm from Beverly, Massachusetts. When I'm not teaching, or reading and writing philosophy, I enjoy cooking, ballet, and spending time outdoors by the water.

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